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Ms. Biannca's Luxurious Moisturizing Treatment

This tea flushes the intestinal lining of parasites and old bile, restores proper functioning of digestive system resulting is weight loss.

Our 250 Million year old Magnesium is powerful in healing with osteoporosis, Low Energy, headaches, hair loss, Diabetes II,  Arthritis, Weight gain, Muscle loss, Poor Teeth and gums,  and more.  

100% Ghanaian Black Soap

250 Yr. Old Magnesium Oil

Guaranteed to Kill Parasites, Ringworm, Helps heal eczema, & Acne and evens skin tone.

A unique blend of Grapeseed, Jojoba, Magnesium, Emu, & Raspberry Oil to give penetrate all three layers of the skin to soothe aching muscles


Locks in moisture & treats damaged and over processed hair.

Hydrates & Strengthens Hair to give it more bounce & shine.


Japanese Detox & Dieters Tea

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Ms. Biannca's Luxurious Lemony Set-N-Curl Butter

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